Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Hello everyone! Well yesterday I had the test for Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field and it was HARD!!! I haven't done the things they told me to do in like forever.

40 Sit ups in under 1:00
Standing Broah Jump to 5'2
Flex Arm Hang for :13
Shuttle Run: 11.5
100 meter dash: 8.3
So yea, I'm in shape but my muscles SO hurt right now!!! It's NOT even funny!!!
So yea..todays I B-Day
Home Car
I like B-Days...there cool.

Better go. ~Me and only me~

Friday, November 26, 2004


Hey everyone. Yesterday the race went good. It was funny b/c when we got to Webster park my parents were just going to sit in the car and I'm like "Aren't we suppose to be like warming up or something" and they started laughing at me!! The reason why they were laughing was b/c during the summer my parents had to FORCE me to warm up and now I'm so into the whole running thing I WANTED to warm up. How things change lol. But I didn't do that well in the race. There were old good guys and young good high school/college runners so I had to chance of running w/ them! It started SNOWING during the race and I was frozen solid!! So when I get home I take a shower and then eat lunch. SHRIMP!! Yummm...! And then I watch Elf w/ my Dad. I LOVE that movie!! I ROCKS!! And then I went online and talked to people (liz!! hehe) and then watched The Passion of the Christ on my computer. I started crying and I've realized a lot of stuff now about Jesus. Then I eat the traditional Thanksgivining dinner!! It was SO good. Then I watched another movie, Paycheck...which I LOVE!! Then I went online and watched The Grinch which was O.K. Then I watch Whoose Line Is It Anyway and that made me happy. Then I went to bed.
Today I don't know what I'm going to do. My Dad and I might go out shopping but I highly doubt it.

*Me and only me*

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Too much crap

Well tomorow I have to get up early...the NERVE!! On Thanksgivining!! I have the Turkey Trot which Is a 2.5 mile run at Webster Park. Then I come home and just sit around then eat a bunch of food!!

Well I had my lesson at Eastman today and it lasted for a hour! But It was depressing walking through the lobby because that's were I MET Neil and that was the place where I last saw him. But in my lesson I had to practice my high notes like D,E,F,G,A,B, and those are the high, high ones. And then I had to practice 2 songs out of Melodias and Progressives book and can I say BORING. But Carla (my teacher) is sooo cool!!

That saying, "If you love someon tell them because hearts are often broken by words left unspoke"...take that to heart. I've gotten my heart broken because me and Neil had horrible communication..don't ruin your relationship because of it too.

Neil is in da past..unfortunatly

Wow. Me and Neil are over now. I'm just...sad. I mean I know it wasn't going to go anywhere but Neil had complety no feeling when it just ended.

Me: Hi! Neil: Hi Me: So..how you been lately. Neil: Busy...I was just about to start cleaning. Me: OH. Did I call you at a bad time? Neil: Silence Me:Okay I have just one question....Are you and me even together anymore? Neil: I guess not Me: Yea as things havent been really going that well lately. Neil: Silence Me: Do you still want to be friends? Neil: Silence Me: You know what If your not going to say anything I might as well go. Neil: Bye Me: Bye*whispers* asswhole

So yeah. Right now I'm thinking that Neil is just too immature to be in a relationship. And I want a guy who actually goes to my school so I guess McQuaid guy's are ALL out of the question. As of right now I like Chris Fanelli...but I don't think that will ever go anywhere.

Another sad thing is that I wont be able to talk to him for like...forever. IF he goes to Eastman next summer It will be awkard and after that...never again.

Sad as can be,
*Me and only Me*

Sunday, November 07, 2004


Today my parents told me something that totally stunned me. Yesterday when my parents were at the X-C party (that I didn't go to b/c I was at Meghans party hehe) But Coach Demay talked to my parents and wow. Coach Demay asked my parents what I was going to do over the winter since Cross Country was over. My parents said that I wasn't going to do anything b/c Modiefied doesn't have an Indoor Track and Field program. So Coach Demay goes, "Well, I was wondering if Meggie would want to run Indoor Track for JV." So yeah, Coach Demay wants me to run JV and he wants me to be 6th, 7th, or 8th girl for R-H. B/c Coach Demay said that he's been watching me ever since the 7th grade and said that all I need is to imporve a little bit and that little improvement will make me blossum into a wonderful flower. That I'm the "dark force" b/c he knows that the farther I run...the stronger I get. And right now all of the JV and varsity girls are keeping their eye on me b/c they are worried! that I'll be beating them. ahh. so yeah i know i forgot something but I'm soo happy!