Saturday, March 05, 2005


Name: Margaret Crandall
Date: 3-28-05
Time: 8:34
Age: 13
Sex: female

[Part 1]
(1). Are you involved with anyone at the moment? No im not
(2). If so - how long have you been dating them?...
(3). Is it a serious relationship?...
(4). If you are single - do you want to be in a relationship? Yes
(5). Why? I want to feel like someone likes me more then a friend
(6). What do you enjoy most from a relationship? Having someone be there for u
(7). What are the three most important things in a relationship? Trust, honesty, and love
(8). Describe your idyllic boyfriend/girlfriend's appearance: Brown hair, blue/brown eyes, tall
(9). Describe your idyllic boyfriend/girlfrend's personality: Kind, independant
(10). Is personality or appearance more important to you? a little bit of both
(11). Have you ever been in love? Yes
(12). Are you in love at present, if so, who with? No

(13). What turns you off? Bad teeth, rude
(14). What turns you on? Laughing, smiling

[Part 2]
(15). Have you ever had a dream about sex? Yea...it was freaky
(16) Who was it with? I couldn't tell who the person was
(17) Did you enjoy the dream? Nope
(18) What's your sexuality? Guys
(19). Would you say you are open minded about your sexuality? umm...idk
(20). Would you ever kiss/sleep with someone of the same sex? Nope
(21). Have you? No
(22). If you could sleep with ANY male celebrity, who would it be and why? Rupert Grint...its that red hair...and boyish good loks
(23). If you could sleep with ANY female celebrity, who would it be and why? eww, no
(24). What is your opinion on: (a). Oral sex: IDK (b). Sex outside: Just wrong (c). Anal sex: Gross(d). Dominatrix: Not something I would do (e). Bondage: Pass (f). Porn: Equally gross
(25). Would you have sex outside: Nope
(26). Where? ...
(27). Share your sexual fantasies with us in graphic detail - go on: If u really want to know just ask me
(28). How frequently do you feel horny? lol...gettin' a little personal there lol
(29). Fast or slow: slow
(30). Rough or romantic? romantic
(31). In the light or darkness? darkness
(32). Would you say you're flirtatious: a little
(33). When you're around someone you like how do you act? Usually normal...depends..sometimes a little nervous
(34). Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone you would usually consider as highly unattractive (who) ? Yup...Dan
(35) If so - who was it and how long ago? IDK, its confusing
(36). Would you say you were romantic, if so, what ways? idk if im romantic
(37). Where would be your preference for your first date? worried as hell
(38). How far would you go on your first date? Not that far
(39). What do you find sexiest in the opposite/same sex? there hair and their voice
(40). List all the people you think are hot: Rodger!

Time finished:8:42


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