Friday, March 04, 2005

this is just b/c im bored and its funny to answer

1. Do you ever think about the same sex in a sexual way? No i havent. i think its gross and thats just wrong.
2. Are you a virgin? yes i am and i plan to be for a lonng time
3. How far have you gone with a girl? umm hold hands..in a frienly manner?
4. How far have you gone with a guy? absolutely no where...if u want to help me there guys feel free!
5. Do you watch or look at porn? come on everyones seen it...its wrong man
6. Do you masturbate? nope i dont
7. What is your number one sexual fantasy? i have none...idk
8. Have you ever had an orgasm? nope..no sex no orgasm
9. Do you find the person that sent this to you attractive? i found this on a survey site, duh
10. Have you ever been in love? Yes I have
11. How many relationships have you had? 1 sort of
12. How long was your longest? umm lol...
13. How short was your shortest? no comment...haha
14. Do you regret any of your relationships? Just the one..yes I do
15. Is there someone that you would like to go out with again? omg umm R*****, K***, C****...u get the hint!
16. On a scale of 1-10 how much would you say you think about sex in a day, 10 being the highest? umm probaly 4 b/c of aubrey and her comments on everything!
17. Do you consider black panties a sex sign? nope..b/c i own a lot of them
18. What do you find most attractive about the same AND opposite sex? hair..defienatly the hair
19. What is your favorite body part on the same AND opposite sex? i dont know
20. If you are a guy, how long are you? lol no comment dude groos
21. How would you pleasure the person that sent this to you if you find them sexually attractive? i would run away


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