Saturday, April 02, 2005

How Many...

How Many....

Created by TheSalisburyNinja and taken 4695 times on bzoink!

People have you loved?1 (Neil)
People have you kissed?0 (sadly to say)
Commandments have you broken?A lot (duuhh its me!)
Places have you lived in (for over 3 months)?3 (eagle ridge north, apartment, hampton heights)
Countries have you been to?3 (Canada, Mexico, Europe)
Languages can you speak fluently?1 (English)
People are you talking to right now?0
Times have you been in a car today?0
Different kinds of meat have you eaten?How the hell am I suppose to know that??
Different kinds of liquor have you tasted?2
Jobs you have held?0
Years of school have you attended?9 Years
Shows have you been to this month?0
Friends would you call "close"?6 (Aubrey, Kristen, Joey, Meghan, Calla, Kristen)

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