Monday, May 16, 2005

I have not felt alive in weeks
Tears running down my cheeks
Tears that I will never feel
Making scars that never heal
Racking sobs that they can not hear
Shaking, shuddering with unseen fear
Wrap my arms nice and tight
But I know nothing will make this right
My whole body seems to hurt so bad
This is a life i never should have had
I think something is wrong with me
All the pain makes me want to flee
I write letters no one will ever read
God will not help no matter how I plead
Inside I am all dry bones and ashes
Bleeding black from rips and gashes
All these words in my head
So many things I should have said
Inside I feel hollow and cold
I have nothing sure and solid to hold
My thoughts are trailed by a sad dark song
My God I have been awake too long
Under empty laughter and fake smiles
Is a lonely ache I have carried for miles
Closer and closer, my time is running out
As my blood pours from the spout
The world is not really what it seems
Happiness is little more than dreams
Though all mine are nightmares
My skin is so cold and no one cares
I just want some place to hide
I feel like I am not even on my side
My death- black tears freeze on my face
I am dying slowly without a trace
Lying back, on my bed
My cotton sheets are all red
Faster now, as blood pools
I am slipping into that place where darkness rules
Pound the nails into my veins
My face shows nothing of the pains
The room is spinning quickly now
I would tip my hat and take a bow
But my body is still and growing black
This time I am not coming back
There is no more anger, no more fear
I will never shed another tear.


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